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Dr Leena Yadav



Making Babies is

difficult !!

Yes I know as a couple when you are fighting against all the odds of fertility, when the finances and social pressures take a toll on your life to have a bundle of joy and when the female has also to take the brunt of so many doctors around , who treat you and give you patience and assurance, you keep on thinking somewhere at the back of your mind that is MAKING BABIES SO DIFFICULT !!

My dear would be mommies, I would say be patient and trust your journey. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

I would like to share one of my case with all of you. May be some of you also can have faith and move on .

So this female was a 33 yrs old girl , obviously struggling with infertility for 5 years of her married life , and was sent to me by a gynaecologist for further management. She had a history of pelvic tuberculosis which was treated and poor girl suffered a relapse again after few months of stopping the first course for tuberculosis. The treating Gynae again took her for a second course of tuberculosis and decided to do a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy for her to check the internal status of the reproductive system. To her surprise on a hysteroscopy they found a partial uterine septum for which a metroplasty or what you call a septal resection was done in the same sitting. The tubes were detected blocked so IVF treatment was chosen as the best option.

When she was recovering from a uterine injury , she again had a relapse of tuberculosis. Poor girl , had a bad and a tough luck. Was again managed for a relapse of tuberculosis, but was now very depressed and desperate to have a baby. She was a poor responder , which means she had limited eggs in her ovaries by this time though the male side looked fine when she came to us.After doing some initial IVF work up we took her immediately for an IVF / ICSI cycle.

My dear people , we did a fresh day 3 Embryo Transfer for her , put 2 embryos , she conceived in first go , with Twins . She was lucky enough and looked as if her tough times had ended but during the course of this pregnancy she lost one twin at 7 weeks . Was given assurance and proper support , and finally she delivered a baby boy thru a planned LSCS at 37 weeks.


So dear couples , it’s difficult but not impossible!! If you have proper guidance and you keep your courage. 

Come embrace your parenthood with us.

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