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Egg Freezing stops the biological clock. Its give you a hope for today as well as your tomorrow and offers a chance to preserve your oocytes before they are depleted.

Fertility preservation- Oocyte Freezing ( What Women Need To Know )

Egg freezing is an essential element in fertility preservation. Age negatively affects a woman's egg reserve, with the quality and quantity both rapidly deteriorating after the age of 30 yrs. With oocyte or egg freezing , a woman can serve as a donor for her own self whenever she is ready for a conception in later years of her life. 

We encourage patients to first try to conceive naturally, and only use their frozen eggs if they're successful. Or even they can save them for a 2nd or 3rd child. 


 Who should consider egg freezing ? 

1. Women who want or have a need of delaying their childbearing in order to pursue educational , career or other personal goals

2. Women embarking on chemotherapy , cancer treatment or radiation that will affect their pelvic area. Egg freezing is done prior       to the beginning of these treatments. 

3. Women who want to avoid freezing surplus embryos after their IVF cycle due to some religious reasons.

4. Women who have a family history of early menopause or premature ovarian failure.


When should a women go for egg freezing ? 

Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation should be pursued in the prime reproductive period of a woman's that is from 20s to early 30s if we want to take an advantage of egg quality as well as quantity. Basic fertility tests like your AMH , antral follicle counts , your hormones FSH , LH help assess you your clear picture of ovarian reserve and function. 


How long before having children should one consider freezing oocytes ? 

Once the oocytes are retrieved and stored , the success rate is locked in at the age at which they were frozen. The duration they spend after that for cryopreservation can be from 2 to 10 yrs and has no bearing on the future outcome of treatment. The key is actually to make a decision on the age of women at which they are frozen. 


If you know that you would desire motherhood one day and you worry that your biological clock will hamper your desires of having a baby , contact us. We shall help you in your decision making about your fertility preservation , it's advantages , timelines and above all a future towards a successful outcome. 


If you have a partner and are married and if it's possible -  freeze embryos instead. If you as a couple are not ready for children presently , freezing your own embryos will boost your odds of having a success towards achieving a carry home baby in your later stages of life. Oocytes are delicate, and many a times not all will survive the thawing process. By mixing your partners sperm with your eggs at the same time and then resultantly freezing your embryos , you have actually taken one more successful step ahead. 

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