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Ferrtia by Dr Leena Yadav 

Senior Consultant Fertility & IVF, Obstetrician  & Gynaecologist

Our Mission

There are many reproductive options that offer a woman increased agency in her future. We invite you as a team to come and familiarise yourself with the facts so that you can feel confident discussing your reproductive health and fertility options with us. 

We as a team strive to help women find fertility solutions at all ages , coping and understanding the individual needs of their body and providing utmost care and competence in rendering appropriate solutions both medically and professionally. We work as a comprehensive team in completely taking care of you as a couple from your fertility solution to your conception and ultimately delivering you and rendering you your parenthood.

Dr. Leena Yadav

Consultant Fertility & IVF, Specialist in Assisted Conception.

Obstetrician & Gaynecologist.

She is a fertility care expert for couples who have difficulties in having conception after a few years of married life.

She started her journey 12 years ago and has a strong background and experience as a senior consultant fertility for an international organisation Bournhall Fertility Clinic, the pioneers in the field of IVF, who created the world's first IVF Baby- Louis Brown.

She was associated with them for 4.5 years, delivering the best care to all fertility related couples and has numerous success stories on her name.

Present Professional Associations In Gurgaon :-

1. Miracles Fertility & IVF Clinic, Sec-14

2. Miracles Apollo Cradle & Spectra Hospital, Sec-82

3. Nova IVF Fertility/ Southend Fertility And IVF , Delhi & Gurgaon

Previous Professional Associations In Gurgaon :-

1. Paras Hospital, Gurgaon- 4 Years

2. Artemis Health Sciences Hospital (Few Months)

3. Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, (4.5 Years)

4. C.K Birla Hospital, (3.5 Years)


Education/ Qualifications


Fellowship In IVF

Certified For USG Dopplers Related In Fertility.

Her preferred clinical areas of interest are:
1. Couples with recurrent IVF failures or implantation failures.
2. Females with recurrent pregnancy losses.
3. Altered or damaged endometrial receptivity causing multiple failed IVF
4. Advanced age infertile couples struggling for parenthood
5. Fertility preservation or egg and sperm freezing – semen or sperm or oocytes.
6. Fertility related issues with females having endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS and premature ovarian failures
7. Male factor infertility management along with Andrology Team support.

Pioneer Hindi_25th July 2017_page no 7
Pioneer Hindi_25th July 2017_page no 7
Dr Leena Yadav & Dr Thomas Mathews
Dr Leena Yadav & Dr Thomas Mathews

Dr Leena Yadav worked closely for ART with Dr Thomas Mathews ( The Legend in IVF who worked with Dr Patrick Steptoe the pioneers in IVF who gave birth to the first ever IVF baby in the world by the name of Louis Brown) at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic Gurgaon

National Quality Excellence Awards
National Quality Excellence Awards

Dr Leena Yadav along with Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic team receiving National Quality Excellence Awards 2017

Pannelist at Fertivision 2016
Pannelist at Fertivision 2016

Dr Leena Yadav in Lucknow as a Pannelist at Fertivision 2016

Certification For USG & Doppler
Certification For USG & Doppler

Dr Leena Yadav is certified for USG & Doppler in Infertility by Dr Sonal Panchal & Dr C.B Nagori at Ahmedabad

Star Of The Month Trophy
Star Of The Month Trophy

Dr Leena Yadav received star of the month in April 2015 at Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic